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VPC Care Connections is a mutually beneficial volunteer program and is an extension of our Aspire – Life on Purpose™ program at Vista Prairie Communities. Residents in our community share their gifts, talents and their purpose through activities and programs that are specific to their interests and their level of which they choose to volunteer.

Our dedicated team members are encouraged to engage in volunteer programs throughout the local community and give back in ways that they are able. In addition, we welcome the local community, schools, organizations, and family members of residents into our community to share their gifts, talents, and time with those we serve.

Looking for volunteers at Vista Prairie at Fieldcrest in Sheldon, Iowa

Looking for Volunteers?

If you need volunteers, please contact us and fill out the form to let us know the specifics. Someone within our community will reach out and let you know if we’re able to fulfill the need. Volunteer availability is based upon staff and residents time accessibility and interests.

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Looking to volunteer at Vista Prairie at Fieldcrest in Sheldon, Iowa

Looking to Volunteer?

If you want to share your gifts, talents or time with a senior, we love volunteers at our community and would be happy to welcome you. Fill out volunteer form and how you’d like to share your time in our community.

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