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Care Predict

The CarePredict AI senior care system help caregivers at our Fieldcrest senior care community take timely action using data. Residents wear lightweight wrist pendants to collect information that can help us better care for them. Based on the science that changes in daily activities and behavior patterns precede health declines, CarePredict autonomously understands these patterns and alerts caregivers and nurses in our community on changes that warrant attention. The platform provides location monitoring, contact tracing and dual communication benefits as well. CarePredict has been proven in a peer-reviewed and published study to reduce hospitalizations by 40 percent, falls by 69 percent and improved length of stay by 67 percent in Senior Living.

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Linked Senior

LinkedSenior technologies in select Vista Prairie communities support person-centered life enrichment using simple technology and non drug therapy. Linked Senior helps us engage all residents by meeting the need of each and every resident no matter who they are where they are physically or cognitively with continually refreshed and evidence-based content. Real-time reports and data analytics allow our team to understand what the needs of our residents are and how to best address them.

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