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New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

First and foremost, all of us at Vista Prairie Communities would like to wish you a happy new year! With the start of the new year, it is common for people to brainstorm resolutions they wish to make in order to change some aspect of their life.

It’s easy to make general resolutions—eat healthier, exercise more—but sometimes those resolutions don’t last very long. This year, try making specific resolutions in order to help make them stick! Explore the three specific resolutions for seniors below and see which ones fit you best!

Instead of: Eat Healthier :: Try: Eat More Greens While telling yourself you should eat healthier this year is an important resolution, making your promise to eat more greens is a bit more specific but still gets the same point across. This way, you can live a healthier lifestyle but have a specific example of how to do this. Incorporating more greens in your life will provide you with an abundance of nutrient-packed foods, help your heart and fight diabetes. Exploring other options to eat healthier like focusing your meals on incorporating superfoods is also a good idea.



Instead of: Exercise Your Brain :: Try: Play a Brain Game Everyday This year, try starting your morning with a brain game to get your mind going at the beginning of the day. There are many health benefits as to why seniors should exercise their brain each and every day including improving mental health, memory and helping prevent Alzheimer’s disease.


Instead of: Exercise More :: Try: Walk 3 Times a Week Stay on track of your exercise resolutions and accomplish your goals with a specific mission. Test out different ways you want to exercise or, maybe instead of walking, you like to swim. Update your resolution to whichever exercise you enjoy the most or a new exercise you want to try. Being active has been proven to reduce heart disease, blood pressure and stress. While all resolutions are important, making specific resolutions will help you stick to your goals and stay healthy. Remember, feel free to adjust any of these ideas to fit your lifestyle better. We wish you all love, friendship and laughter in the new year. Welcome to 2019!


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