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Cultivation - growing health and wellness

While area farmers are in the fields this spring, Vista Prairie at Garnette Gardens in Redwood Falls, MN is helping to cultivate growth in health and wellness. In one of three Minnesota pilot programs, Garnette Gardens is leading a group of health and wellness providers in Redwood and Renville Counties, working together to envision a new future for seniors.

All three pilots are funded by the LeadingAge MN Foundation. The grant for Garnette Gardens will launch the Southwest Care Connection (SCC), a collaboration of these nine organizations. “Over the next several years SCC will help participants navigate their care in the two-county region,” said Garnette Gardens Executive Director Colleen Marcus. “We hope to support healthy aging and maximize independence, leveraging technology and visionary wellness practices for older adults.”

Collaborative members got together online recently to adopt a strategy framework, with an aspirational mission committed to cultivating community cultures and connections so that all people can thrive as they age. Olivia Mastry, founder of Collective Action Lab, supported the session and facilitated some creative brainstorming about the best way to describe what the SCC wants to do.

Three key objectives for the collaborative came out of the online session:

  • Advancing coordinated, preventive regional health and wellness resources that promote healthy aging and optimal independence,
  • Offering navigation and coordination support to increase resource access,
  • Improving health equity across resources and the region.

“We’re looking for a project manager now, to move the pilot forward and manage the day-to-day services of the organization,” said Colleen. “If you know of someone who can help the collaborative take the next cultivation steps, please click here to learn more.”


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