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Brandon and Franklin with Finnish Painting are touching up a hallway before new carpeting is installed for Vista Prairie at Fieldcrest in Sheldon, IA. As Christmas draws near, anticipation also is building for Fieldcrest residents as a renovation project in excess of $1.5 million reaches the halfway point.

“They get to watch the whole thing happen right before their eyes,” says Senior Executive Director Cal Diekmann. “They’re very excited about the end product but for now, they’re so excited just watching it.”

Now that it’s recarpeted, new furniture soon will be installed in the front living room, along with new curtains and a dramatic new fireplace, still to come.

Anticipating the end product is what has Cal most excited, “Our residents will have a brand-new dining experience,” he says. Meal offerings will feature more menu choices thanks to a completely refitted kitchen. Mealtimes will be staggered to fit better with residents’ plans, rather than having to observe a set meal schedule.

Residents will watch food being prepared from an in-dining room serving area. “It will be more of a home-cooked feeling, and I’m very excited about that,” Cal says.

Even an investment of more than $1.5 million has its limits. Replacement chairs for the activities room did not make the final cut, so Fieldcrest has launched a fundraiser for 50 chairs. Some residents have already stepped up to buy a chair, and so have some of Fieldcrest’s best vendors. If you would like to sponsor a chair, please designate your Fieldcrest gift online

While Fieldcrest’s staff also anticipate their new surroundings, renovations can be tough on caregivers too. “Absolutely,” Cal says. “They have to put up with last minute decisions. They do it with a smile, and they ask me if I need help. Just amazing.”

Fieldcrest offers 69 one- and two-bedroom assisted living apartments for seniors who need access to personal care and supportive services. We also offer 12 memory care suites that provide a long-term option for seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia.


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