Resident playing with VR  at Vista Prairie at Garnette Gardens in Redwood Falls, Minnesota


Testimonials are very important to us and are the best way to let others know if our team has provided you with a great experience.

It really feels like home. The security of it, and the friendliness, and the activities that we have available to us here really makes it nice to be here. - Herb B.

They try to spoil us rotten here. Food is fantastic, everybody is pleasant, I like blackjack, Bingo, movies we watch. Can't ask for anything better. It's the Cadillac of places to live! - Al

The best kept secret about Garnette Gardens we have everything here that you need, you really don't need to go out at all unless you want to. We are really well cared for. It's really the best part of being here, all the people and all the activities and the wonderful food. It's just a good place to be if you can't be home alone. - Jan M.

Thank you for everything you've done for the last year and a half to help us help Mom have the best possible quality of life for the last year of her life. You and everyone there at Garnette Gardens were thoughtful, caring, and attentive to Mom's changing needs as her health declined. It was comforting for our family to know that Mom was being given excellent care and support every day whether or not one of was able to be there with her. During Mom's stay, we developed many wonderful relationships with staff that worked directly with Mom every day and night and with residents that interacted with her in many thoughtful and caring ways. Our thanks and gratitude extend to all of those people as well. Truly, Redwood is blessed to have a facility such as GG available! Thank you so very much and best wishes to you and everyone there at GG! - Joyce McKay's family

Welcome to the Good Life