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What is Aspire – Life on Purpose™?

What is Aspire – Life on Purpose™?

Vista Prairie’s Aspire – Life on Purpose™ lifestyle aims to create a life built on having purpose. Like the five points of a star, the five Aspire lifestyle components make up our Life on Purpose communities: Social, Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual. Our community puts process and planning to help our residents live a whole health lifestyle, finding connection, belonging and purpose along the way.


  1. Social: Community is a big factor here at Windmill Ponds. You will find yourself in community with new friends, families, staff, volunteers, and many other different people for you to socialize and connect with from all walks of life. We have a variety of communal living spaces where people gather and converse that is an extension of your home. We offer a variety of different activities for you to participate in such as bingo, bus rides and opportunities for greater community involvement as well as inviting opportunities for you to share your gifts, talents, passions and stay active with person centered programming.


  1. Physical: We believe in the importance of staying active to enhance both the body and spirit, ensuring that our residents can enjoy life to the fullest. We offer stretching classes, exercise sessions, nutritionally balanced meals, and more to help our residents improve their overall health and wellness. A strong focus on residents' health and well-being ensures that the physical needs of each resident are being met.


  1. Emotional: Emotional support is vital for Vista Prairie residents, whether it be with family and friends, fellow residents, or with our caring staff members. Windmill Ponds works hard to provide meaningful opportunities for residents to do the activities they have always enjoyed. This provides support to residents in a variety of ways. Resident’s needs can be met through their relationships with others at Windmill Ponds and the support of their community.


  1. Intellectual: Residents at Windmill Ponds are offered many activities for their intellectual well-being and to challenge their minds. Residents can play cards and do brain games with other residents as well as complete large group crossword puzzles. Windmill Ponds offers a library for its residents to use as they please. Classes are available to residents to promote lifelong learning.


  1. Spiritual: At Windmill Ponds, we embrace the significance of spirituality in our residents' lives. We offer a range of opportunities for spiritual enrichment, including attendance at church services and engaging in insightful Bible studies. This commitment to an Aspire Lifestyle is woven into our dedication to providing a well-rounded and fulfilling experience for our residents. It ensures that they can explore and strengthen their spiritual connections in a supportive and warm environment, promoting a holistic approach to their well-being.


To learn more about the Aspire – Life on Purpose™ lifestyle program and how Windmill Ponds helps create a Life on Purpose call 320-298-4095 or email us at

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