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Tips for Finding an Assisted Living Community Near Me

Finding an assisted living community that is right for you, requires information from you and loved ones of what is most important to you. Our Where to Start  guide, helps you navigate these steps. Once you know what you want and what your options are, here are some tips on how to choose the assisted living that would be best for you.

1.) Bring a friend or loved one with you on your visit as well as any key decision makers. You’ll all have different things you may see or hear and share your experiences collaboratively.

2.) Take notice of interactions between staff and residents. Do the staff appear to enjoy being there? Are the residents smiling? Are residents social and active throughout the community?

3.) Note how the community makes you feel. Does it feel like home? Are you comfortable? Do you feel like you or your loved one would have peace of mind?

4.) Are staff available for assistance 24-hours a day?

5.) Try the food! Ask about dining options, menu options and how residents share feedback about the dining menus.

6.) Check out the monthly activity calendar. Share programming or activities that you or your loved one enjoys and ask if they do that. If not, how do they incorporate resident requested activities into the calendar? Do they offer an abundance of programming options? Are they appealing to you or your loved one?

7.) Ask “what if” questions. What if me or my loved one runs out of money? Make sure that you understand the answers to your questions or concerns.

8.) Be open with your barriers and fears of your current living situation. Unless our team understands the full spectrum of why your looking and what’s keeping you from moving, it is very difficult to help you navigate this journey with all of the tools, resources and support you may need in order to make the move.

9.) Is the community managed by a reputable organization that you can trust? Ask about ownership of the community as well. Oftentimes, senior living communities are managed by a reputable operating group but owned by private owners, developers and investors, that make key decisions on pricing, rent increase, community offerings and programs.

10.) Is it in my price range and can they help me navigate financing for the community in any way? We have a Home Cost Comparison worksheet that helps prospective residents objectively look at what they’re paying currently vs. what is included in our community. Additionally, our senior living advisors in each community love helping seniors and their families with any questions they may have. Contact us  today to schedule your visit to our community!

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