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Adult daughter talking to mom about assisted living options

Navigating the Transition into Senior Living


Are you dealing with conflicting emotions considering moving a loved one into assisted living? Transitions of this type can be difficult both for the incoming resident and for their family and friends. Senior care can be difficult to think about at times and can evoke negative emotions. Here are some tips for working with these emotions and making the transition easier.

Open Conversation

Open conversations with your loved one are essential to ensuring a smooth transition. Helping you and your loved one understand the next steps will keep everyone on the same page.


Solid Support System

Having open conversations with your loved one in making the transition it is also important to make sure other family, friends, and community members are part of the transition. Having a support system in place can bring a feeling of comfort through the change.


Creating a Positive Environment

Encourage your loved one to partake in activities and hobbies that they enjoy. This helps residents to be comfortable in a new setting and to feel at home. Be a cheerleader for them as they try new things.


Listening to Your Loved Ones

Making your loved one feel heard is important. By allowing them to see the options available to them in various situations they can be ready for change. Your loved one must know that they are being heard and that their opinions are being valued.


Make Adjustments Easier

Helping residents in their transition is important so that residents can feel comfortable in a new environment. The best way to do this is by making their move-in and adjustment period as easy and stress free as possible. Windmill Ponds has done this by creating a Resident Ambassador program to help guide new residents during their first few weeks.


Visiting and Keeping Connected

Your loved one will need the support and help of their family and friends not only for moving in, but also to maintain connections. Regular visits, phone calls, letters, or other forms of communication can help residents feel connected to their previous lives and their family and friends.


The decision to embrace senior care, especially in the setting of an assisted living community, can be a profound and emotional journey. At Vista Prairie at Windmill Ponds, we understand the significance of this transition and the emotions that come with it.


To learn more about the Resident Ambassador program and how Windmill Ponds helps in the transition to Assisted Living call 320-298-4095 or email us at

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