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Tips on Moving Mom or Dad into Senior Care

The thought of moving can be extremely overwhelming – especially for older adults and their loved ones. And while many older adults want the safe, maintenance-free lifestyle that senior living can offer, it’s often the move itself that keeps them in their current living situation. Some of you may have lived in your homes for 30 plus years which means you’ve acquired a lot of belongings and have built up lots of memories that you may fear will disappear if you leave. Rest assured that you’re not alone and we’ve supported many seniors and their families throughout our 25 years of service. The first step is just reaching out and trusting the community that you choose to make your new home. There is so much more life to live and a better quality one waiting on the other side of a move to senior living. Let’s get moving!

Visit your Primary Care Physician

Before moving in, no matter what level of care your parent needs, it's a good idea for them to see their primary physician. Ask the doctor to evaluate your parent's medication list to make sure all prescriptions are current, necessary and don't conflict with each other.

Wills, POA’s and Health Care Directives

Before your loved one moves, it's a good time to sit down and talk about a will, power of attorney, a health care directive, and other important issues that we all tend to put off. Get the paperwork done, signed and filed

The House

If Mom or Dad is currently living in their home, the question becomes what to do with the house when they move to their new community. If their house is paid off, there's no great rush to decide, and the topic can be difficult to broach. But now is the time to float a trial balloon to get their feelings on selling their home or keeping it. The money from the sale will go a long way toward securing their financial future.

Change of Address

Friends and relatives will want to send cards and letters to Mom or Dad in their new home. They'll want all of their personal mail delivered to them instead of piling up at the house.

Floor Plan Dimensions

With the exact dimensions and floorplan, you can map out which furniture to bring and how it will look in their new home. They'll also need their own linens, cookware, dishes, television and radio, personal items and anything else they'd like to make their new place feel like home.

Downsizing Support

Deciding what items from home to bring and what to leave behind can be a difficult choice. Services like Gentle Transitions specialize in moving seniors. With a move management company, they'll give you a complimentary consultation, work with you to create a move plan based on the floorplan of Mom or Dad's new home, help you strategize what to bring and what to downsize, provide professional packing services, help you choose and supervise professional movers, and will be there to unpack when the move is complete. Ask for Senior Home Downsizing Tips from our team if you don’t hire out help.

Get Connected

Take Mom or Dad to a couple of events in their new community before they move. That way, they can meet and mingle with residents and staff, and really get a good feel for the place before they move in.

Congratulations on helping your loved one decide to make the move. We understand that was not easy. Your parent is going to get more out of life, get the level of care he or she needs, make new friends, and enjoy the next chapter in their lives.

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